Sunday, October 13, 2013

Phi Phi to Phuket, With Paul, Trace, Ruby and Marty

After a 5 hour sail from Phuket to Phi Phi we arrived late in the afternoon. We only had time to meet up with Marty and go to Phi Leh Lagoon. That place is awesome. We were anchored in 25 metres of water right at the entrance to the lagoon.

On return to Ton Sai Bay that evening we anchored near the large limestone cliff and agreed to head off the next day for the sail back to Phuket via Maya bay ("the beach" filming location)

Maya Bay was outstanding, especially not on one of those tourist boats. I found a nice mooring line close to the reef, snorkel on, in the water and were surrounded by fish and coral.

The trip back to Phuket island took longer than expected with a strong headwind and swell. We encountered a few squalls and heavy monsoonal rain.

Good trip.But WAY too short and rushed.  Next time Marty we will have more cockpit cushions and be better set up, and have a much more relaxed time.

Pictures in random order and not sorted.

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